Exploring the Diversity of
Extrasolar Planets

March 14 – 16, 2023
LMU München
Hybrid Meeting

Thank you to all participants for a wonderful, productive All-hands-on-deck-meeting!

About the meeting

All-hands-on-deck meeting

The all-hands-on-deck meeting is the annual assembly of the DFG-SPP 1992 „Exoplanet Diversity“ participants. It will provide an opportunity for members of the project teams to come together and discuss the latest developments, share their research findings, and collaborate on new ideas and initiatives. We also encourage exoplanet-related contributions from scientists that do not participate in the SPP 1992.

Young reseachers retreat

The young researchers retreat of the SPP 1992 allows the early career researchers to network and exchange ideas on an informal level. At the same time, the young researchers can use the time to hone their skills in specific areas attached to their work by inviting external trainers or speakers.

About the SPP 1992 “Exoplanet Diversity”

The SPP 1992 is a priority program (in German: SchwerPunktProgramm) funded by the German Research Foundation. It addresses the diversity and complexity of exoplanets by linking observational methods for planet detection and characterization with theory and modeling. More info can be found on the program’s official website: https://www-astro.physik.tu-berlin.de/exoplanet-diversity/.