Practical Information

Venue & Directions
See here

A variety of hotels can be found near the central meeting location. Here are some recommendations:

There are also a number of Motel One Hotels in Munich, from which the meeting location can be reached via public transport. 

Public Transport
Tickets that could be relevant for participants:

  • Single journey zone M: 3,7€
  • Single journey zone M-2: 7,4€ (for example, to go from the conference venue to ESO)
  • Dailay ticket zone M: 8,8€ (more than two single journeys; valid for the calendar day, NOT 24 hours)
  • Dailay ticket zone M-2: 11,0€ (cheaper than two single M-2 journeys)
  • Group daily ticket zone M-2: 19,4€ (single ticket for up to 5 persons)
  • Weekly pass (IsarCard) zone M: 20,20€ (the price of roughly 5.5 single journeys)

For the weekly pass, it is possible to buy connection tickets for single journeys outside of the validity zone:

  • Zone 1: 1,6€ (with an „M“ IsarCard allows to make a journey in zones M and 1; for example from the restaurant Wednesday evening back to Munich)
  • Zones 1-2: 3,2€ (with an „M“ IsarCard allows to make a journey in zones M, 1 and 2; for example from the conference venue to ESO)

You can check out a list of nearby restaurants either for lunch or dinner here.

Social Event
The social event will take place on Wednesday February 15 in the late afternoon (start around 4:00-4:30 PM). We will visit the ESO supernova in Garching, where we will have a private tour and watch the planetarium show „Distant worlds – alien life?“. Afterwards (around 7:30-8:00 PM) we will go for a networking dinner at the Augustiner Garching

To reach the social event at ESO supernova from the conference venue, take U6 from „Universität“ (~12 min walk) towards „Garching-Forschungszentrum“ until the last stop (tickets for Zone M2, ~24 min from „Universität“).

In Garching, leave the station in the opposite direction of arrival and follow the street. ESO is about 500m away from the station on the left-hand side.

After our visit at ESO supernova we will go to „Garchinger Augustiner“ for dinner. From ESO supernova, take the subway at „Garching Forschungszentrum“ back to „Garching“ (short-distance ticket). The restaurant is ~120m in the oppositite direction of arrival on the right-hand side of Freisinger Landstraße.
To reach the venue from the city take U6 towards „Garching-Forschungszentrum“ until „Garching“.